Micro-Fit 3.0 Contacts

I purchased Molex pin contacts that came in a bag labeled 0430315003. I am trying to insert them into Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 plug connector body with a part number of 43020. I am using the proper Molex Crimper 638190000G. I am getting a good crimp from the crimper but the contacts absolutely WILL NOT FIT into the connector. They just won’t poke in and lock. I carefully studied the drawing for the contacts and it appears that the contacts I received from Digi-key do NOT match the Molex drawing of the contacts. In particular, the stop feature on the drawing of the contact are shown being bent to the left and right but the contacts I received have the stop feature sticking straight up on each side like the socket contacts have. I have wasted several hours trying to the these to work but I believe that the contacts have been made incorrectly or there has been some design change in the connector body to allow these contacts to fit in some other connector that I do not have. I am looking for assistance from anyone who may be able and willing to help.

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Thank you for contacting Digikey on this issue, can you a close up picture of the finished crimp on the cable ?

Steve (mobile)

It appears the terminals you have are for the Micro-Fit TPA Plug Housing group 200875 , the housing you have is the 43020 group. See the manufacturer link which shows the “Use With” housing number for crimp contact part 0430315003. Do you have the full Molex part number for the 43020 housing you have? We can assist in matching the correct contact.

I purchased a whole range of Micro-Fit 3.0 family connectors from 2 pin to 6 pin so 0430200401, 0430200601, 0463400201, 0463400301, 0463400401, 0463400501 along with their mating receptacles 043025xxxx and 043645xxxx series along with 0430300051 female contacts.

These options should work for you:

20-24awg tin male crimp pin , Digikey part WM1841CT-ND , this pin will work with the 04302 and 04364 housings.

20-24awg tin female crimp socket , Digikey part WM1837-ND , this socket will work with the 043025 and 043645 housings.

Thank you for your help!

You’re welcome.