Molex KK series pins and tool compatibility

So my go to connector is out of stock until June. To replace it, I ordered a strip of CONN 22-30AWG CRIMP TIN WM1114CT-ND and a Hand Crimper WM9999-ND. Digikey web site showed these as compatible.

Now that I’m trying to use the parts, it looks like the pins have a carrier strip that does not appear to get stripped off with the hand crimper. Now that I’ve done some research, it looks like there is a bag version of these pins. Is that what I should have used? I’m guessing the production crimpers cut off the carrier strip where the hand crimper can’t. Can anyone confirm this?

Hi wdjt

You are correct. WM9999-ND is recommended for repair and with loose or bulk contacts.

So, WM2756-ND would be a compatible choice?

That would indeed be the recommended packaging option for manual application; the cut tape/tape & reel options cater to volume production and mechanized tooling.

The inconvenience of carrier separation is less for some other contact series, but for most low-volume use the “bulk” package option is going to be the preferred option.