Molex ML-XT Connectors

Hello TechForum,

I recently purchased several Molex ML-XT connectors (in particular the female side which is WM15989-ND). Prior to purchasing these connectors I was a bit confused about how they are assembled. I just realized that there was a video on the product page on the Digi-Key website, so I watched it. I did not realize that I also had to purchase the WEDGELOCK for this assembly. This is the small green part that is assembled to the mating side (the side with the double-lipped seal) of the female connector.

So I am not looking at 2 different WEDGELOCK part numbers, WM15981-ND and WM11144-ND, and I have no idea which one to purchase. They look identical.

Please advise.

By the way, these connector look GREAT. This is a great looking product!

Thank You,

So the difference in these two part numbers is the keying. WM11144-ND (Molex Part 0934481003) is Green with No Key and part WM15981-ND (Molex Part 0934481033) is Green with C-Key. Whichever you pick you would need to make sure you match with the correct Plug wedge lock. Currently, I am only showingWM11143-ND in stock which would be the no key option, that would mate with WM11144-ND. I would also make note that these parts are obsolete so if this is something you are designing you may want to look at other options.