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I purchased Molex Extractor Tool part number 0011030044. Tool supplied has 11030044NT8 stamped on it.
Is the supplied tool same as the ordered one ?

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My client has issued an ultimatum to scrap the tool, if clarification is not provided.

Request to clarify please

Hi @ms1 ,

Sorry for our delay.

I would guess this is the correct tool as the 00 prefix is common for Molex, however the NT8 suffix I am unsure of, but it can be a possible date/lot code or other internal code. To be sure I have followed up with the original tech, and also have submitted for inquiry. I hope to have answers to you as soon as possible, but it appears our contact has been out of office. I have also pinged our warehouse to see if they are able to verify.

Hi @ms1 ,

It looks like you have received the correct marking & tool. This is what we received from our distribution center technician:

“Yes, it looks like that is D/L info. MFG label says Dec 2023(T8).”

Here is what we received from the manufacturer that also claims it is the correct tool:

“The suffix on a Molex tool part number is for Molex reference only. The numbers are the only thing that customers need look at.”

This suffix code may change per tool since it is an internal manufacturer code. Please let us know if you have further questions.

Thank you very much

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