MPQ4576GQBE-AEC1-Z & CISPR25 standard


I was wondering if the MPQ4576GQBE-AEC1-Z regulator from MPS is optimized to CISPR25 Class 5 standards. I noticed that several graphs related to these standards are present in the datasheet, but there is no mention of whether the component complies with them overall or not.

Thank you,

Gabriel B.

The graphs on the Datasheet, show the results of their testing, and also shows the CISPR25 Class 5 limits on the graphs. All the results appear to be below the set limits.

Therefore I can assume that it is optimized to the standards?

One generally does not speak of a specific component in regard to emissions regulations, because related component selections and details of implementation can significantly affect the end result.

The charts in the datasheet are there to show measurement results under the stated test conditions, and are commonly (though not necessarily) made using whatever evaluation board is provided for the part. It’s not guaranteed information and your mileage may vary.

“Optimized” is a subjective term, insofar as it implies an ideal balance among competing concerns. If reducing emissions is paramount, a linear regulator would probably be a better choice.