MSDS file for ADI/MAXIM and STM IC's with integrated lithium battery

From time to time we get the requests to provide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) file for ADI/Maxim and STMicroelectronics IC’s (Integrated Circuit) with self-contained lithium batteries, the products like NVSRAM’s, PowerCap™ from ADI/Maxim, CAPHAT™, TIMEKEEPER® from STMicroelectronics, RTC’s (Real Time Clock) and some other products.
MSDS file is mandatory for lithium batteires

Bacause the above parts are NOT a pure battery cells, but the IC’s that contain lithium battery and other components, ADI/Maxim and STM are NOT obliged to provide this MSDS file and divert the customers to battery manufactures who provide MSDS file

For some products, STMicroelectronics specifies the p/n of the lithium battery which is incorporated in a certain IC in its data sheet.
For the products where the data sheet does not specify it, this information can be found in
STM Application Notes: AN1011, AN1012

For ADI/Maxim the information about the batteries p/n’s in their products can be found here.