MSOP on silkmask IC17

I want to read the data and order additional, but have no idea what it is.

Hi @Bellirium, welcome to the Forum.

Does your phone/camera have a macro option for the camera? The lettering on that IC is a little bit of a challenge even when zoomed in.

To help identity it, by chance is this PCB from a consumer product or device?


It is a control module from a vehicle.
The lettering on the IC reads SO2-997. It’s hard to get a picture where the light reflects on the component to show the symbols.

Sorry, that one is a real challenge.

Is there any Part number on the PCB, i’m wondering of the schematic/bom for the board has been leaked to the internet. That might help us identity it.


Only number that wasn’t generic is at the top of the board in this photo.

Sorry, other then being made by Mitsubishi, I haven’t been able to find anything else on that board, JX331BB6304A


Thank you for the effort, it was a longshot anyways.