MSP432Pxx Family Discontinued?

Texas Instruments has pulled all the datasheets for MSP432P products. The datasheet links from Digikey no longer work.

Has TI discontinued this product range?

Has Digikey got any further information on the remaining life of this product?


I have submitted an inquiry to see if verification of that item’s current status can be provided.

Any reply from Texas?

I found this on TI’s e2e forum:

I don’t think this can be considered official, but it is on their forum, and the response is from a TI employee.

At a minimum, it is not a focus product line for them now, and due to the chip shortage, it seems likely that the MSP432 series will fall to the back of the production line.

The thing that gets me is that they are scrubbing any mention of the MSP432P line. The MSP432E and the various Tiva parts still have their information available. The only way I can see that they would do that is basically no one is using them. They don’t even want to go through the process of obsoleting the parts, they just got nuked from orbit.

I agree, very strange. I can only imagine that this shortage is causing major headaches and forcing difficult decisions to be made throughout the industry, and that the resulting messes will take some time to be cleaned up.

Hopefully we get something official back soon to clarify the situation.

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For anyone following along (I should have noted earlier) I asked in the TI forum specifically about this. TI replied with go talk to your TI sales representative.

I’m currently considering a STM32L4 or L5. Looks to be a viable alternative. Any other ideas would be much appreciated.