MTI 670-DK: problem to collect GPS data

We have problem collecting GPS data from ublox MAX M8Q-0-10 using xsens MTI-670 module .

We have try collect the data using MTI-Manager and ROS driver but both give null data for latitude and longitude respectively.

Based from MTI-Manager software user manual, all velocity, position, and altitude view can be used by MTI-G710 and MTI-7 only.

And for ROS, the data that can be published are:

  1. Position covariance type 2

  2. Zero data for latitude and longitude only

Please find the attached for the screenshot of setting and both result.

Please advice.

Thank you.

Hi @zackry86 , please click on the Space Vehicle Information (or SatInfo) Window button and report what the device see’s. Let’s make sure the ublox MAX M8Q-0-10 has a good satellite lock:


Hi Robert,

Appreciate your feedback.
Actually my client uses the device inside the building. So the problem is solved once they try outside the building.
Thank you.