My Switch/ Button needs a nut and My Cap needs a Bracket!

Finding Product Accessories easily on the DK website

Sometimes a switch will not come with a nut when it should. Sometimes it comes with the nut but that nut somehow rolls away when no one is watching. In any case, sometimes you just need a nut to go on your button or switch.

Here is an example C&K Push Button Switch. You can see in the image that a new switch does come with the nut and washer. If additional hardware is needed it can usually be found by scrolling to the bottom of the product page and checking in with the associated products section of the part.


Supplier Part Number Digikey Part Number Description

The following products are available.


Supplier Part Number Digikey Part Number Description
‎‎707100201 CKN10081-ND HDWR NUT 7000/8500/9000NP NKL


Supplier Part Number Digikey Part Number Description
‎‎707200201‎ CKN10082-ND LOCKING RING 15/32" BUSHING

Unfortunately these are not always associated quite this nicely. When that happens it helps to know where to go to find them. Most of the time these are considered an accessory on the Digi-Key website. Since these are switches, we go to the accessory section within the switches category.

Product Index > Switches > Accessories

Once we are in this category we simply go through the “Accessory Type” filter and choose what we are looking for. These happens to be nuts and the like. Once you have gone through the filters you should be looking at some search results similar to these:

Link to various nuts and washers for switches.

From here we can try to match up a product by the series or by the size listed in the description. While not as easy clicking the associated product link at the bottom of a switches product page, this method shows you what is available across all suppliers and dramatically increases your chance of finding a suitable product.

At some time you may find that you need a nut, but perhaps it is for a sensor or a bracket for a capacitor. The premise is the same for those products as well. Looking in the accessory sections works great when looking in the battery section, the capacitor section, optoelectronics, and many more. Some categories like connectors will have various accessory sections.

Becoming a master at searching in these categories will make finding useful product much easier!