Mylist api problem

I’m making the following request to Mylist API (based on the documentation):

    headers = {
        'Authorization': f'Bearer {access_token}',
        'X-DIGIKEY-Client-Id': 'MYCLIENTID',
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    post_data = {
      "ListName": "rf_booster",
      "CreatedBy": "ektocomms",
      "Tags": [
      "ListSettings": {
        "Visibility": "ReadOnly",
        "PackagePreference": "CutTapeOrTR",
        "ColumnPreferences": [
            "ColumnName": "string",
            "IsVisible": True
        "AutoCorrectQuantities": True,
      "RefList": {
        "ListId": "string",
        "IsRevision": True

    response ='{base_url}{api_endpoint}', headers=headers, json=post_data)

And I’m getting this error:

{'ErrorResponseVersion': '',
 'StatusCode': 400,
 'ErrorMessage': 'Error with CustomerId',
 'ErrorDetails': 'CustomerId of zero is not allowed',
 'RequestId': 'b9f0a822-4083-4001-e928-3d1f3541b0aa',
 'ValidationErrors': []}

I’ve tried adding the X-DIGIKEY-Customer-Id to the headers but it did not work,
Anyone can help me understand what I’m doing wrong?


I’ll see what information I can find on this and post what I find out.

Here are some API frequently asked questions. I see you have a 400 error and here is the information provided.

When using the testing tool in the developer portal, I’m receiving a 400 error - How do I fix this?

When using the developer portal testing tool, you will receive a 400 error when all required fields for the header are not entered, or a malformed message.

Looks like the error is with your customer ID, can you verfiy you it’s correct.

The thing is I cant not find where I should put the customer-id. The documentation (CreateList | DigiKey Electronics Developer Portal) does not provide details regarding that parameter.

As i mentioned previously I’ve tried using X-DIGIKEY-Customer-Id in the requets headers. But it didn’t work.

There seems to be an issue with the main API support page. I did talk to someone on the API team and you should be able to log in to and then click Add support ticket | DigiKey Electronics Developer Portal to open a support ticket.