NCP16xy comparison differentiation for onsemi's PMIC for PFC and CRM

NCP16xy comparison differentiation for onsemi’s PMIC for PFC (Power Factor Correction) and Critical Conduction Mode (CRM)

OPN Digi-Key Status Averaged
Full load
Light load
Full load Light load
Thru Hole Device
Part number THD
CrM NCP1608 NCP1608BDR2GOSDKR-ND Standard leadtime
10 weeks
lower high lower low higher
FCCrM NCP1605 NCP1605ADR2GOSDKR-ND Not recommended
For New Designs
medium high medium low Low but affected
by transitions
CCFF NCP1615/6 2156-NCP1616A1DR2G-488-ND NEW high high high low low but affected
by transitions
2156-NCP1615C2DR2G-OS-ND Obsolete
VSFF NCP1622/3 488-NCP1622BCCSNT1GCT-ND NEW high high high low low