NEC MR301-9HSL Equivalent


I am in need of a replacement for a NEC MR301-9HSL relay. A different brand, but equivalent in specs would be fine. Here is the datasheet for this relay. I tried to find one myself here at digikey, but I am not accustomed to ordering relays and didn’t see options for several of the specifications I need, so I decided to ask for help.

This particular version of the relay is 9V, high power (10A), “washtight”, and 0.8mm standoff. It has 5 pins.

Screenshot from the datasheet regarding specifications:

Thank you.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. We do not sell that relay. You can look at DigiKey part number Z3112-ND on this link: G5LE-14-DC9 Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div | Relays | DigiKey
You can review the data to make sure it will work as an alternative in your circuit.

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