Nedd these connectors

This is the same connector as 151-1180-ND except it is 3mm wide

Hello ntouchwls, Welcome to the Forum.
I have a couple questions to ask.
With regards to the part 151-1180-ND, which is a contact, are you looking to find that exact contact but be 3mm wide?
Or do you need a housing that will accept that contact that is 3mm wide?

Do you happen to have a picture of the Connector Housing that you need the contacts for?

I just want to be able to get you the correct part.

I just need the female connector that is 3mm wide. See attachment.

I did find the Data sheet for the 151-1180-ND contact. Click here for Data sheet
According to this the Width is 2.5mm.
What you are asking is you need this contact, but be 3mm wide?
My question then would be is it for a Different housing?
This series of Female contacts is at 2.50mm wide.