Need a mating male cable-mount connector for this DIN-422 4-pin female



I found the CP-7340-ND. Please review for your needs!

That appears to be a KPJX-4S-S.

If it is then 2092-KPJX-CM-4S-ND is the mating connector they show.

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for your fast reply, and for the part number PDP-40 (mfr. CUI Devices, DigiKey p/n CP-7340-ND).

I also received a different response from Robert Fay who said the mating male connector is the KPPX-4P (mfr. Kycon Inc., DigiKey p/n 2092-KPPX-4P-ND).

They both look very similar, but to be on the safe side, I will order a couple of each model. At least one of them should work.

Thank you again for your kind help.


Laszlo Denes
Jackson Heights, NY