Need a signal generator that can change amperage and frequency

Need a signal generator that can change amperage and frequency. It needs to be 12-13vdc and range from .1-2 amps and 1-1000HZ. I have no idea where to begin as this is not something that I know how to build.


This would typically be broken down into two pieces; A) generating the desired waveforms and B) amplifying/buffering to allow the intended load to be driven.

You’ve indicated a desire to deliver up to 2A from a signal source al low as 12V, per ohms law, this translates into a minimum load resistance of 6 ohms. The same 2A from a 13V signal translates into a maximum power of 26watts.

If you’re willing to compromise a bit on the low end of your frequency response requirements, this ask should be well within the capabilities of off the shelf audio equipment. Most such gear tends to respond only down to 20 Hz or so, but one should be able to find software to make the desired waveforms come out of a headphone jack, and pipe that into an amplifier input.

Failing that, there are power op amps available that could be used to deliver signals in the range of interest that will happily function down to DC.

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I think it would be safe to say that 30hz would be the lowest I would need it to go