Need an advice about potting electronic coils in a laptop


I ordered chip quick EGS10C-20G silicon to encapsulate components that make noise in a laptop.

I would like to know if this silicon’s thermal conduction is enough good to do that ? (it is not on the CPU but on little cubes with a coil inside that i will put the silicon)

thank you.

I mean, i wanna know if it is safe to do that… i want to be 100%sure that it will not harm the comp…

Any coating will cause the coils to get hotter than normal. Also thick coatings in the very confined space of a laptop may alter the whole system airflow design in a bad way.

A silicone coating is one of the worst types in those respects. Also it will be nearly impossible to remove without damaging the coil or circuit board once applied.

Only the original design team for the laptop can be 100% certain that the extra heat will be OK.

If this was my lap top, I’d wait until I was willing to throw it away because of the noise before trying this.

Oh, ok…!

(i recommend not to buy L15 gen 2 amd from lenovo, EVERY coils make sound, not whine, but permanent little noise like white noise… hearable at 30cm… i really wonder why they make things like that… they put cheap coil and they maybe barely save a few money on each laptop but it is so little amount compared to the full price of the laptop… i think it is surely just to get you to buy the T serie that is much expensive… anyway…)

Thank you anyway.

If it’s still under warranty I’d get Lenovo to either repair/replace it or refund the purchase price.