Need an "AMP+" Connector Identification - is stumped!

Doing a search for “AMP+” stamped on the connector leads me to the website where the connector is prominently displayed.
(Black connector on the upper left)


But they can’t seem to identify it, even though they manufacture it!

It’s been used in our products for at least 10+ years, and is still being used.
So I’m looking for leads. The tech called it a “flange” connector.

So, where do I start?




Thank you for contacting the Digi-Key Technical Forum. Well looking withou any additional information , I am not finding anything. Can you tell me what the inside looks like? Is theer any pins? If there is how many? If there are pins , what is the pin spacing? What is this connector being used for? If this is coming out of something, it might be a custom connector. I am not sure as I had no luck doing a generic search. Most likely if this is coming out of an automobile, it is custom. Let me know if you can get a better picture , or any other information. I sure was not able to find anything.

Hello, and thanks. I sent a direct reply. Two rows of 7 pins/connectors.

Not automotive, it’s used on projector lenses and in the projector body (User-removable lenses).

It’s designed to mate with itself when turned 180 degrees.


Would you be able to measure the center-to-center contact distance(pitch) those contacts would have?
Would you be able to remove the one shown in the above image and show the back of that connector in detail?

Pins look like 2mm center to center, and the rows are separated by 6mm

Hey, I think I found it. It’s an AMP “drawer” connector

TE’s part number is 5-292177-1

Hi john.meehan. I agree, you are correct. I looked at 5-292177-1 on the manufacturer’s website and it appears to be the same as your connector. Good catch! Be sure to take a look at the drawing just to be sure the measurements line up with your connector.

It’s easy once you know what it is. :wink:

So, next question - do you carry it?


Hello @john.meehan

We do carry TE part 5-292177-1, it is our part number A99696-ND.

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