Need an RF modulator complete device

We are working on a project for a client and we need to send composite video to a number of televisions. We are thinking that an RF system will allow us to easily connect to the clients group of televisions, around the site.

The issue is that we need an RF Modulator device so we can feed video into it and send an RF signal out a standard TV channel.

Think of an old VCR with no tape handling!

Thank you.


The option I found in our system would be the 3773-DM-HXPAIR-ND.

Thanks Nathan_2268

I tried the link you sent but I got the dreaded “404” error. Can you please check and try it again?



Odd, it worked for me.
You can search the item number instead if the link still does not work.

The product in question is unavailable for sale outside the US, which may be part of the problem.

To be clear, are you thinking of a wireless or wired transport medium?

I’m not sure DK would have much in terms of finished-goods products either way. There are consumer (and maybe better) products available for wireless video transport over WiFi/unlicensed bands, and cable TV is still a thing at least for the moment so I’d assume that there is still equipment manufactured for distribution over coax. A dedicated 1:many CCTV over coax solution may well be a scarce item however, given the market shift toward ethernet/twisted pair and WiFi as the transport media of choice.