Single IC transceiver

Hello everyone I am Tommaso and I am new in the forum

I am looking for a single IC transciever in ism band without any codification system.
For example low noise amp,down conversion and adc for rx
dac,up conversion,power amplifier for tx

if dac and adc are not included could be ok

Does anyone know something like that?



Hi Tommaso,
Check out the parts on this link RF Transceiver ICs | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey
These do operate in the ISM frequency range, check the data sheets linked to each part to see if one of these will work for you.

Thankyou Steve

Unfortunately all of them have a modulation system inside

Hi Tommaso,

Thank you for your inquiry.

If you could explain your requirements or application a little it would be of great help.

Please forgive my ignorance as I may be misunderstanding the request. The type of device you are inquiring about requires a rapid change in voltage (modulation) across an antenna in order to induce voltage across an antenna on the receiver. It’s not usually a question of if the device has modulation, but rather which type of modulation is used.

If you could kindly elaborate on your intended use possibly we could better help from that perspective.

Thank you, let me know if I can be of further assistance,

Best Regards,


Hello kristof

I am sorry but actually i cannot write excellent english.
The most similar device to what i mean is adf4602.Almost every single ic transceiver i found has a modem inside which force me to use fsk,ook,psk ecc.I would like to use my own modulation especially i need a spread spectrum support.If it’s not clear i’ll try to explain me better.

Thankyou for you reply