Customer seeks guidance on H12234ND compatibility, suitability, availability, pricing, and ordering

Dear Digi-Key Sales Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out to you for assistance and guidance regarding one of your products, specifically H122341-ND. I am interested in understanding whether this product is suitable for use with coaxial cables intended to connect a biomass camera to a Jetson device.

After conducting research, I have identified H122341-ND as a potentially suitable product for my project requirements. However, to ensure compatibility and optimal performance, I would greatly appreciate your expertise and guidance.

Could you kindly provide me with the following information and support:

  1. Compatibility: Please confirm if H122341-ND is compatible with coaxial cables commonly used for transmitting signals between a biomass camera and a Jetson device. Specifically, I am planning to use the L-com CA-195-RG58 Coaxial Cable.
  2. Suitability: Considering the intended application and the specific coaxial cable mentioned above, I would like to know if H122341-ND is a suitable choice in terms of its specifications, performance, and any potential limitations or considerations I should be aware of.
  3. Availability: Kindly let me know about the availability and current stock status of H122341-ND. If it is not available, please suggest any alternative products that may be suitable for my application.
  4. Pricing and Ordering: I would appreciate receiving pricing information for H122341-ND, including any quantity discounts that may apply. Additionally, please provide instructions on how to proceed with placing an order.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I value your expertise and prompt response. Should you require any additional information or have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Looking forward to your guidance and support.

Hello shahmir179m, welcome to the Forum community! H122341-ND was made obsolete by the manufacturer in 2018. The manufacturer’s recommended replacement part is HR08D-12WPM-10S(31) , which is equivalent. This connector is made for multi-conductor cable and the datasheet states that the diameter of the cable should be between 5.7mm to 6.5mm, such as these options. These connectors are examples that can be used with RG-58 cable. If you need a quotation on any of these parts, you can e-mail the part number and quantity needed to Pricing can be found on the Product Detail Page for each part number.