Need ballast ECG specified for lamp

Need to find up to three ballasts for the following compact florescent lamps:

  1. A ballast that will power an Osram 9 watt, GCF9DS/G23/SE/OF compact florescent lamp, Item number 21299. It is UV-A spectrum. It also has a description of: Dulux S & L Blue 365nm 9W/78. Its a 2pin G23 lamp, 144mm long.

  2. A ballast that will power two of the above.

  3. A ballast that will power the longer 18w version, Dulux S & L Blue 365nm 18W/78 Osram item number 56906.

Will greatly appreciate any help.

Hello Bob,

Thank you for your post. With this product we do have some options in regards to drivers that should work. Here is a link to some results that should work. I left some options open for you to choose just in case you wanted some different size options or features :

Hi Brent,
I am looking more for a $1-$2 each small chip type solution, than a big clunking $40-$80 each solution, for these compact flourescent bulbs. I could certainly purchase one of those ladies’ nails hardening lights – in the neighborhood of $20-$40 such as: ( ) and tear it apart to find the piece, but I am hoping to avoid that. Do you have anything along those lines?
Do you carry anything along those lines?
Last question, are ballasts that power LED lights interchangeable with ballasts that power compact fluorescent lights?

Hi bobgord,

First – No, LED drivers are not compatible with CFL lamps.

Regarding our ballast offerings, we do carry a number of ballast controller IC’s, here, but these are not trivial to use. They are not stand-alone parts – along with the controller IC itself, many external components are required in order to make a functional CFL ballast (transformers, resistors, capacitors, transistors) for which the values of each must be calculated, dependent on the particulars of your lamp requirements. Also, one must have a board made which is laid out carefully, to make it both functional and safe (these produce high voltages, which can be quite dangerous).

The point being, unless you are producing these in high volume, and have significant experience in electronic design, you are probably going to be better off using an off-the-shelf ballast designed for the lamps you intend to use. We do not carry those.

My query specified that I was looking for a ballast/driver/controller for a particular CFL lamp. Can you revisit my query on that basis?
Bob Gordon

I don’t see that type of ballast on our site. I also did not see Osram listing any particular product code for items related to that lamp.

However, general online searching with keywords such as “9W CFL G23 Ballast” or “9W Compact S Lamp Ballast G23” (many variations will work) gave results for compatible products. The key specs are the 9W minimum, the input voltage, pre-heat start, and a two-pin termination to match the G23 socket for the first item. A site such as “BallastShop” should suffice. They probably have one to fit the specs for the second lamp as well.

Thanks, Bill. Will check that out.