Need helo with a lora module

Just Purchased 1597-1488-ND lora module, Need to know where can I get the information to connect it to arduino and raspberry pi

Hello @sberniz,
I have not worked with his module but the related development information I could find is at the HOPERF website:

Thank you. I’ll read through it. I’m not sure if you can help me. but I realized that the spacing between them is 2mm instead the regular 2.54mm and i was trying to solder headers to it, and i’m not sure if it is correct. since can barely see it however, in case it is not do you know if i can buy them with headers presoldered. and also the jumperwires for that spacing or an adapter card or something similar.?

Hello @sberniz,
Digi-Key only sells the module you purchased, we do not have any other related development tools, kits or boards. The only info I could find on the module is the link to the HopeRF website I provided previously.