Need help finding a relay

I need help finding a relay with a 220vac input coil and dry contacts on the output. Then I need the opposite to go from dry contacts to 220vac. I’m using a wireless relay controller setup for a well pump and pressure tank, but the controllers only accept dry contacts.


“Dry contact” is slang for a circuit/switch which carries very little energy; unfortunately it is not a term that’s specific enough to do a lot with.

Regardless, “relay” is a search keyword that I’d suggest. Use it and the four main groups the relay products are divided into should show up at the top:

The distinction between “signal” and “power” relays is the amount of current their outputs are designed to switch; the 2A line of demarcation is somewhat arbitrary, but a relay suitable for switching a “dry contact” circuit under control of 220 VAC would be found in the “signal” family.

Use the “coil voltage” parameter to select relays with an input voltage suitable for your needs.

And you’d probably want to indicate the usual preferences for stock available to ship:

The options will probably be quite few by this point, but there should be something there for the 220VAC–>dry cont. selection. Going the other way however is trickier, because as stated “dry contact” is a minimally descriptive term, and insufficient to specify a relay controllable by such. It’s possible/likely that the mention of dry contacts is applicable to the device inputs more so than the outputs, with a specification given somewhere for relay drive capability.

Also, this post contains further information relevant to the selection of relays/switches, and may prove helpful.