Need help finding the mating half of a USB 3.0 header

I have managed to identify the USB 3.0 header on my computer as an Amphenol part: G823J201240BHR
But, I cannot find the part number of the mating half. The contacts that mate with the plug are Amphenol G862 or G827, but I can’t find the housing that these go into.

Hello fisher, and welcome to the Forum community. I wanted to let you know that I’m checking on this for you. I am in contact with my Product Specialist and as soon as I have that answer for you, I’ll post and let you know.

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Hello again! Here is the reply we received from Amphenol regarding the mating connector:
“After checking, we don’t have the mating side for G823J201240BHR.”

Sorry we weren’t able to help you with this request!