I need a male berk pin to put into the above components and female berk to connect the male berk pin.


I am not sure what you mean by Berk pin. If you click the link below you will find the pins that will work with connector part number 0039013083.

For the mating connector you can take a look at part numbers 0039012085, 0039013085 and 0039012085


“Berk” may refer to Bergstik, Amphenol’s trademark.

It is interesting to detect, how some trademarks become household terms (ref Gallup, Hoover, HP8510).
Sales department’s dream come true.

heke, AsamaLab

also a dream come true for consulting IP lawyers, and nightmare come true for in house IP lawyers (US trademark protection diminishes or ends depending on how well you actively police the usage in commercial settings).

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:slight_smile: Yeah, that is very true Paul. However, as long as the household name or earworm is associated to your product, the legal position does not matter.