Need help identifying component

Please helpme idetify this component.


I believe that is a customized chip for Johnson Controls, it was most likely manufactured the 44th week of 1999 (9944).

It’s most likely a micro-controller with custom firmware so even if you find a blank chip it won’t work without Johnson’s copyrighted firmware.


Hello Mike,

Let me add a quick follow up note:

Industrial automation and controls are a unique market. It’s not uncommon to find 30 and sometimes 50-year-old equipment still in service. In many cases, it’s NOT cost effective to replace this equipment if it can be repaired. Consequently, you will find a healthy community of specialized services employing technicians who will repair this equipment.

A prime example is Rockwell’s SLC-500 Programmable Logic Controller. It’s a discontinued product but still faithfully controlling many machines. I’d wager that the last SLC-500 will still be operational well past 2050.

At any rate, I recommend you search out these repair houses. You may be able to find what you need.

Failing that, we could explore the option of using a small PLC and a variety of sensors to replicate your needs. It’s not an ideal solution, but it may be a quick and effective. solution.

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Tech Tip: don’t discard your old industrial equipment. Do a quick search and see if one of the repair shops will give you money for the functioning or non- functioning core.