Need help identifying these transformers..

Hello guys

I am struggling to find what transformers are these , and I don’t even know where to start as all the resources I found didn’t get to mention them!.

1- T2 and T3 in this Push-pull amplifier with double final stage circuit:

2- T1 Transformer-Coupled Amplifier circuit:

3- L1 in Hartley generator circuit:

4- T1 in Astable multivibrator:

5- T1 in AM circuit which is different from the above 4:

Hello @shamooooot

From what I can determine it looks like you will need an audio transformer and I have included a link to audio transformers that I have been able to narrow down the list somewhat, but you will still need to narrow down the list since I am unsure what VI is.

Audio Transformers | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey