Need help identifying this resistor

The resistor on my waterpik WP-100W burntout. I need help identifying the resistor with a correct replacement. Also want to know if this 47ohm 2watt resistor is fusible,flame retardant, flameproof and the correct tolerance to buy?


Hello artvandalai, and welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.

Using the Resistor Color Code Calculator, it does appear that this is a 47ohm 0.1% resistor.
I wasn’t able to find any information stating for certain if this was fusible or flame retardant, but we do have a couple 47ohm 0.1% resistors, linked HERE. One is listed as Flame Retardant but is also only 1/8W and the other is listed as 1W.
Based on some information I was able to find online, there was conflicting possibilities for the wattage, one stating 1/2W and another stating 1 or 2W. I was also unable to find a service manual that mentioned a replacement Resistor. Of the two linked above, MMFR6518B47R0V9, is more likely to possibly work but I could find no information to confirm this.
As a note, the two above linked resistors are the only normally stocking and active 47ohm 0.1% resistors I see listed on the DigiKey website.

Yes I read many other Waterpik repair posts and they say it uses a 2 watt 47ohm resistor.