Trying to find this fusible resistor on digikey

Im not super familiar with component level repair but I need to source this fusible resistor for an old Sony cassette deck, I can solder stuff so installing it is no problem I’m not that bad :slight_smile:

The service manual states use a " fusible resistor 1.5 5% (1/2W) F " the current one in the unit seems to be 2.2 so I think 2.2 or 1.5 will be fine but must be fusible and 1/2w

Im new to digiKey so not super familiar with trying to find stuff. Can anyone point me to the part no. on digikey would be great.

Attached picture of dead one still on the board.

Thank you

Hello raymate,

Welcome to the techforum. Take a look at this 2.2 Ohm, 1/2W, 5% fusible resistor part BC4677CT-ND.


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Thank you I have ordered a couple :slight_smile: