What is this resistor?


As per my understanding of the color code of this resistor, that should be a 40 ohms 1%. However, as I’m a newbie in electronic, I would like to confirm. Does anyone could help me?
I’m trying to fix the electronic card of LG laundry machine, and I think this resistor must be changed because seems burnt.
The last question would be where I can buy it?

Hello Phil, welcome to the Tech Forum!

It looks like you have a resistor coded red-black-black-gold which would be 20 ohm and 5% tolerance. Take a look at our Resistor Calculator which will hellp you determine the resistance value. Following is a link to stocking resistors in the value you need. Bear in mind that our illustrations may not always show the color code of the resistor, sometimes other illustrations are used. To determine what wattage your resistor is, you may want to compare the size of the body to the bodies of the resistors on the link.

If I was repairing this device, I’d get the 20 ohm resistor as @Jenny_1307 recommends, be sure to figure out the wattage based on size.

Since my looking at the photo makes me unsure if that first color band is red that darkened when the resistor failed, or if it’s brown, I’d also buy a 10 ohm resistor of the same wattage. I’d install the 20 ohm first, since if it’s the wrong value the too high resistance is unlikely to hurt the device. If the device still does not work I’d change to the 10 ohm resistor and try again.

Thanks a lot for your quick answers and your valuable help to determine what to buy.

I’m trying to order the resistor on digikey but it seems you don’t deliver outside UK. Do you confirm that you can’t deliver in France ?

Phil, We are based in the USA, and we ship worldwide, including france.
Here is the Digi-Key France website DigiKey Electronics France
Check the part numbers you want to order, and make sure there is stock available to ship.
The site should have all the information on how to order.

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