Help finding resistors

Working on bringing my Sony cassette deck back to life,

Typical problem is the following fusible resistors that needs replacing and I’m having difficulty sorting through the 1000’s of options…

R700, 703 and 704.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Welcome to the forum.

I could not find fusible resistors with values less than 1 ohm on DigiKey.


That would definitely explain why I couldn’t either (also makes me feel…better? In a sort of way…)

I have found a few parts with some changes if this might help you.

R700- 0.1 5% 1/4W– Digikey part 13-FKN200JR-73-0R1TR-ND (RES 0.1 OHM 5% 2W AXIAL)
R704 - 0.22 10% 1/4 w – Digikey Part FRN14JTR220-ND and 738-FRN14JBR220-ND (
220 mOhms ±5% 0.25W, 1/4W )


I noticed only one is available. The others aren’t, unless I ordered the bare minimum of a thousand or so…

We do have some options in stock for fusible resistors, take a look at these resistors to see if you can use any of the values. We also have these 220mohm resistors in stock.