Need help: indentifying GPS connector

This is my first post here.

I am trying to identify a connector from my parents’s car for the GPS antenna.


I have been looking to Fakra and a few others, but I am unable to identify it.

It seems to have written: 50024 - PBT - HP6.

Good Morning,
What are the stats of your parents’ car? Year/make/model?

My parent’s is a Lexus NX300h. Not sure if it is from 2016 or 2017.

I’m still looking, but I figured I would post what I found before I take a lunch break haha. Does this look similar to what you have in your possession?

It looks to be proprietary, maybe OEM specific modification from a FAKRA connector. The radio found in the Subaru in the above picture is a Fujitsu model radio, which may be what is in your parents car. so the plug may be a Fujitsu-specific plug

Yeah. I saw that post from a Subaru owner too. It would surprise me because it is not a connection to the headunit. It is somewhere in the middle of the path.