Need help on coax (RF) receptacle &cable I need for Sony Xperia 5iv cellphone


I was wondering if anyone has info or knows what RF receptacles and cables are used in a Sony Xperia 5 IV cellphone.
I replaced the screen on my phone but when I pulled the cables of the different antenna wires , two of the receptacles seemed to be melted into the cable attachment.
I have attached a picture where the top right one circled in red is still on the board and the other 2 red circles show where the other 2 should be.
Excuse my ignorance and was hoping someone might know what parts I can order

Welcome to the Technical Forum. My guess would be they would be the U.FL type on this link:
These are pretty common with this type of application. You can pull up the data sheet on one and check dimensions. Here are some options for cables:

You can review these to see if anything will work.