Need Relay contact ratings for Omron sealed relay

I need to use Omron sealed relay G2RL-14DC12. The data sheet shows the contact ratings for the flux protected relay, but to contact Omron for the sealed relay contact ratings.

I have forwarded your request on to our product manager. He will be able to contact the manufacturer, and update with any response they provide for the current rating of their sealed versions.

But do you need to use it in a sealed condition? Venting sealed relays after assembly (which may include a wash process) is commonplace, and recommended so long as the external environment is no worse than what will develop within the relay. Doing so essentially turns a relay into a “flux protected” type.

This resource is a decent one on the topic.

Yes, I presently use G2R-14 instead of G2RL-14 and just need to know what the contact rating is for G2RL since it’s not shown in the data sheet and says to contact Omron.

Are the contact ratings the same for G2R-14 and G2RL-14?

Thank You.


No; the …R… versus …RL…are two different product series, with factors such as sealing and contact capacity called out elsewhere in their respective part numbers.

And again, the life/contact rating of a sealed relay depends on whether it’s vented after assembly or not. If vented, it should approximate a flux-sealed variant of the same. If left sealed, matters are more complicated and application-dependent, which is the likely reason for the datasheet not stating figures for such.

Here is the response we received:

The top ratings refer to the G2RL-14 Elife rating.

If you would like to achieve higher Elife rating and operation, the same as the non-sealed type (bttom ratings), you can remove the vent hole nib at the top of the relay case after finished washing/soldering process.