Omron G2RC-SL Series Relay Replacement P/Ns

Omron discontinued their G2RC-SL Slim I/O Relay on February 2019. You can view the EOL here. Omron indicated the GSRV-SR series as the recommended replacements in the EOL for the G2RC-SL. Please see the table below for the alternate part numbers suggested by the manufacturer. Click on the Digi-Key part number to view the product page for the respective part number.

Obsolete P/N Digi-Key P/N Alternate P/N Digi-Key P/N
G2RV-SL500 DC12 G2RV-SL500DC12-ND G2RV-SR500 DC12 Z5769-ND
G2RV-SL500 DC24 G2RV-SL500DC24-ND G2RV-SR500 DC24 Z5770-ND
G2RV-SL500 AC/DC24 Z2557-ND G2RV-SR500 AC/DC24 Z9475-ND
G2RV-SL500 AC/DC48 Z2556-ND G2RV-SR500 AC/DC48 G2RV-SR500AC/DC48-ND
G2RV-SL500 AC110 Z2554-ND G2RV-SR500 AC110 Z5767-ND
G2RV-SL500 AC230 Z2555-ND G2RV-SR500 AC230 Z5768-ND
G2RV-SL500-AP DC24 Z7786-ND G2RV-SR500-AP DC24 Z5771-ND
G2RV-SL500-AP AC/DC24 Z9469-ND G2RV-SR500-AP AC/DC24 G2RV-SR500-APAC/DC24-ND
G2RV-SL500-AP AC/DC48 G2RV-SL500-APAC/DC48-ND G2RV-SR500-AP AC/DC48 Z5758-ND
G2RV-SL500-AP AC110 Z7802-ND G2RV-SR500-AP AC110 Z5759-ND
G2RV-SL500-AP AC230 Z9470-ND G2RV-SR500-AP AC230 Z5760-ND
G2RV-SL501-DC24 Z7621-ND G2RV-SR501 DC24 Z9478-ND
G2RV-SL501 AC/DC24 G2RV-SL501AC/DC24-ND G2RV-SR501 AC/DC24 Z7789-ND
G2RV-SL700 DC12 (DC11) Z2534-ND G2RV-SR700 DC12 Z5763-ND
G2RV-SL700 DC24 (DC21) Z2535-ND G2RV-SR700 DC24 Z5824-ND
G2RV-SL700 AC/DC24 Z2533-ND G2RV-SR700 AC/DC24 Z9482-ND
G2RV-SL700 AC/DC48 Z2532-ND G2RV-SR700 AC/DC48 Z5761-ND
G2RV-SL700 AC110 Z2530-ND G2RV-SR700 AC110 Z5762-ND
G2RV-SL700 AC230 Z2531-ND G2RV-SR700 AC230 Z5803-ND
G2RV-SL700-AP DC12 Z9472-ND G2RV-SR700-AP DC12 Z5826-ND
G2RV-SL700-AP DC24 Z9473-ND G2RV-SR700-AP DC24 Z9481-ND
G2RV-SL700-AP AC/DC24 Z7787-ND G2RV-SR700-AP AC/DC24 G2RV-SR700-APAC/DC24-ND
G2RV-SL700-AP AC/DC48 G2RV-SL700-APAC/DC48-ND G2RV-SR700-AP AC/DC48 Z5825-ND
G2RV-SL700-AP AC110 Z7788-ND G2RV-SR700-AP AC110 Z5772-ND
G2RV-SL700-AP AC230 Z9471-ND G2RV-SR700-AP AC230 Z5773-ND
G2RV-SL701 DC24 G2RV-SL701DC24-ND G2RV-SR701 DC24 Z7790-ND
G2RV-SL701-AC/DC24 Z7622-ND G2RV-SR701 AC/DC24 Z9485-ND

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.