Omron G7Z and G73Z Series Replacement Part Numbers

Omron released a PCN for their G7Z and G73Z auxiliary contact blocks. This was effective February 2019. You can view further details on this PCN here. Please see the table below for a list of the obsolete part numbers with the manufacturer recommended replacement part number. You can click on the Digi-Key part number to view the product page for each part number.

Obsolete P/N Digi-Key P/N Replacement P/N Digi-Key P/N
G73Z-02Z Z6327-ND G73Z-02Z-R G73Z-02Z-R-ND
G73Z-11Z Z7576-ND G73Z-11Z-R G73Z-11Z-R-ND
G73Z-20Z G73Z-20Z-ND G73Z-20Z-R G73Z-20Z-R-ND
G7Z-2A2B-02Z DC12 G7Z-2A2B-02ZDC12-ND G7Z-2A2B-02Z-R DC12V G7Z-2A2B-02Z-RDC12V-ND
G7Z-2A2B-02Z DC24 Z7609-ND G7Z-2A2B-02Z-R DC24V Z11335-ND
G7Z-2A2B-11Z DC12 G7Z-2A2B-11ZDC12-ND G7Z-2A2B-11Z-R DC12V G7Z-2A2B-11Z-RDC12V-ND
G7Z-2A2B-11Z DC24 G7Z-2A2B-11ZDC24-ND G7Z-2A2B-11Z-R DC24V G7Z-2A2B-11Z-RDC24V-ND
G7Z-2A2B-20Z DC12 G7Z-2A2B-20ZDC12-ND G7Z-2A2B-20Z-R DC12V Z11336-ND
G7Z-2A2B-20Z DC24 G7Z-2A2B-20ZDC24-ND G7Z-2A2B-20Z-R DC24V Z11337-ND
G7Z-3A1B-02Z DC12 G7Z-3A1B-02ZDC12-ND G7Z-3A1B-02Z-R DC12V G7Z-3A1B-02Z-RDC12V-ND
G7Z-3A1B-02Z DC24 G7Z-3A1B-02ZDC24-ND G7Z-3A1B-02Z-R DC24V Z11338-ND
G7Z-3A1B-11Z DC12 G7Z-3A1B-11ZDC12-ND G7Z-3A1B-11Z-R DC12V G7Z-3A1B-11Z-RDC12V-ND
G7Z-3A1B-11Z DC24 Z6340-ND G7Z-3A1B-11Z-R DC24V G7Z-3A1B-11Z-RDC24V-ND
G7Z-3A1B-20Z DC12 G7Z-3A1B-20ZDC12-ND G7Z-3A1B-20Z-R DC12V Z11339-ND
G7Z-3A1B-20Z DC24 G7Z-3A1B-20ZDC24-ND G7Z-3A1B-20Z-R DC24V Z11340-ND
G7Z-4A-02Z DC12 Z7612-ND G7Z-4A-02Z-R DC12V G7Z-4A-02Z-RDC12V-ND
G7Z-4A-02Z DC24 Z5903-ND G7Z-4A-02Z-R DC24V Z11341-ND
G7Z-4A-11Z DC12 G7Z-4A-11ZDC12-ND G7Z-4A-11Z-R DC12V G7Z-4A-11Z-RDC12V-ND
G7Z-4A-11Z DC24 Z5721-ND G7Z-4A-11Z-R DC24 G7Z-4A-11Z-RDC24-ND
G7Z-4A-20Z DC12 Z7613-ND G7Z-4A-20Z-R DC12V Z11342-ND
G7Z-4A-20Z DC24 Z7614-ND G7Z-4A-20Z-R DC24V Z11343-ND
G73Z-02Z-B G73Z-02Z-B-ND G73Z-02Z-R-B G73Z-02Z-R-B-ND
G73Z-11Z-B G73Z-11Z-B-ND G73Z-11Z-R-B G73Z-11Z-R-B-ND
G73Z-20Z-B G73Z-20Z-B-ND G73Z-20Z-R-B G73Z-20Z-R-B-ND
G7Z-2A2B-02Z-B DC12 G7Z-2A2B-02Z-BDC12-ND G7Z-2A2B-02Z-R-B DC12V G7Z-2A2B-02Z-R-BDC12V-ND
G7Z-2A2B-02Z-B DC24 G7Z-2A2B-02Z-BDC24-ND G7Z-2A2B-02Z-R-B DC24V G7Z-2A2B-02Z-R-BDC24V-ND
G7Z-2A2B-11Z-B DC12 G7Z-2A2B-11Z-BDC12-ND G7Z-2A2B-11Z-R-B DC12V G7Z-2A2B-11Z-R-BDC12V-ND
G7Z-2A2B-11Z-B DC24 G7Z-2A2B-11Z-BDC24-ND G7Z-2A2B-11Z-R-B DC24V G7Z-2A2B-11Z-R-BDC24V-ND
G7Z-2A2B-20Z-B DC12 G7Z-2A2B-20Z-BDC12-ND G7Z-2A2B-20Z-R-B DC12V G7Z-2A2B-20Z-R-BDC12V-ND
G7Z-2A2B-20Z-B DC24 G7Z-2A2B-20Z-BDC24-ND G7Z-2A2B-20Z-R-B DC24V G7Z-2A2B-20Z-R-BDC24V-ND
G7Z-3A1B-02Z-B DC12 G7Z-3A1B-02Z-BDC12-ND G7Z-3A1B-02Z-R-B DC12V G7Z-3A1B-02Z-R-BDC12V-ND
G7Z-3A1B-02Z-B DC24 G7Z-3A1B-02Z-BDC24-ND G7Z-3A1B-02Z-R-B DC24V G7Z-3A1B-02Z-R-BDC24V-ND
G7Z-3A1B-11Z-B DC12 G7Z-3A1B-11Z-BDC12-ND G7Z-3A1B-11Z-R-B DC12V G7Z-3A1B-11Z-R-BDC12V-ND
G7Z-3A1B-11Z-B DC24 G7Z-3A1B-11Z-BDC24-ND G7Z-3A1B-11Z-R-B DC24V G7Z-3A1B-11Z-R-BDC24V-ND
G7Z-3A1B-20Z-B DC12 G7Z-3A1B-20Z-BDC12-ND G7Z-3A1B-20Z-R-B DC12V G7Z-3A1B-20Z-R-BDC12V-ND
G7Z-3A1B-20Z-B DC24 G7Z-3A1B-20Z-BDC24-ND G7Z-3A1B-20Z-R-B DC24V G7Z-3A1B-20Z-R-BDC24V-ND
G7Z-4A-02Z-B DC12 G7Z-4A-02Z-BDC12-ND G7Z-4A-02Z-R-B DC12V G7Z-4A-02Z-R-BDC12V-ND
G7Z-4A-02Z-B DC24 G7Z-4A-02Z-BDC24-ND G7Z-4A-02Z-R-B DC24V G7Z-4A-02Z-R-BDC24V-ND
G7Z-4A-11Z-B DC12 G7Z-4A-11Z-BDC12-ND G7Z-4A-11Z-R-B DC12V G7Z-4A-11Z-R-BDC12V-ND
G7Z-4A-11Z-B DC24 G7Z-4A-11Z-BDC24-ND G7Z-4A-11Z-R-B DC24V G7Z-4A-11Z-R-BDC24V-ND
G7Z-4A-20Z-B DC12 G7Z-4A-20Z-BDC12-ND G7Z-4A-20Z-R-B DC12V G7Z-4A-20Z-R-BDC12V-ND
G7Z-4A-20Z-B DC24 G7Z-4A-20Z-BDC24-ND G7Z-4A-20Z-R-B DC24V G7Z-4A-20Z-R-BDC24V-ND

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.