Need some help on USB PD providing 5v 3amps output

Dear members, I am not a pro in the electrical world, but always very much interested in doing some fun little projects! :slight_smile: I have a bit of a problem I thought you might be able to help me to solve. Please would you be able to think of a solution for the following: I have a 5v 2.5A LED Light I want to get powered through a USB C PD battery bank. I tried so many different approaches and the best I can get is the light working pretty stable, but at maximum of 70% brightness. The Power bank is Anker 10k with USB C PD. Bought a cable that goes from USB C to USB A and another cable that goes from USB A to DC 5.5mm that goes straight to the light. First I thought the battery is not good enough, then after reading a bit I started to feel the cable might have some resistors that are reducing the current which in result is not enough for the light. As an example I connected that same cable set I mentioned to my iPhone 11 Pro PD original charger as well as my mac book original charger and the light acts exactly the same as when it is connected to the battery bank. The iPhone charger output is 5v 3amp. This is why started thinking there might be something wrong with the cable. I am lost now! I would really appreciate if you can help me on this! I am more than happy to share some photos with detailed specification of everything. Just let me know if you need it and I will do so. Thank you so much in advance!

Hi, the USB PD device you are using may require to see a “current advertisement”. Provided you checked and have a power source which is capable to handle 3A, you can pick up one of these cables which include the “current advertisement” you need for 3A of power: Cable Assemblies | USB Cables | DigiKey

If your power adapter cannot handle 3A, you can have a melt down or even a fire, so, make sure you checked it for safety. If you overload a battery bank the batteries can catch fire in a worst case scenario.

Good luck!