USB PD out to 24V@3A DC

I’d like to get 24V@3A out of a USB PD connection. I know I’ll need a boost stage and I have some basic idea of the IC that needs to go into the booster. Is there a single board or combination that will do this?

Mild preference for USB C female terminal, but not super picky. Will even settle for unterminated.

Thanks so much



I found part number ARD00698-ND. It has a 32 volt output, but only 1.5A. Here is the link: ARD00698 Microchip Technology | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey

I do not find anything closer. Sorry. Though maybe someone else has a better idea. This is monitored by many people.

I did take a look on catalog and I was not able to find a power delivery with a USB C termination. We do have some reference designs that play in this space. See here for some 24V out options:

24V at 5A #1
24V at 10A
24V at 5A #2
24V at ~6A, high voltage in

This might do. I could probably just slap a buck converter on it.

More people should be watching this. Though with the holiday there might not be as many people watching this right away. Usually there are more comments that come in on posts.

Yeah, sadly these are all far out of budget. I don’t think I have more than $25 for this.

There could be a cheaper way. I would just wait and see if someone else gives some imput on this one.

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