Need suitable jumper and wire (Red and black) for PAP-02V-S

need suitable jumper and wire (Red and black) for PAP-02V-S, this to use for lithium battery 7.2V, 2200mah

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Unfortunately, JST only offers jumper wires in black.

Hi sjspektra,

If you wish to make your own, the larger wire crimp contact for the PAP-02V-S is the SPHD-001T-P0.5. For crimping small quantities, the production crimp tool is extremely expensive and not normally stocked (CDS SPHD001-05/CMKS-L), so I would normally recommend the “Engineer PA-09” general purpose crimp tool. Unfortunately, we seem to have been cleaned out of stock of this one at the moment, too. You might be able to find one if you hunt around online a bit.

For wire, here’s a link to red and black hook-up wire in the 22-26AWG range to fit that crimp contact. Or, if you want to stock a variety of colors for future use, you could get this kit, the PRT-11375.

The SPHD-001T-P0.5 crimp contact:

The Engineer PA-09 general purpose crimp tool:

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