Need technical help (Device driver for Windows 10 ARM64 “NL-AB-RPI 3G – 4G/LTE Base HAT


I need some information before purchasing the “NL-AB-RPI 3G – 4G/LTE Base HAT for Raspberry Pi” (Digi-Key Part Number- 1477-1050-ND). I have a two number of Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) devices with Windows 10 ARM64 OS installed on it. I need the 4G internet connectivity on it. I have already purchase the SIM7600G-H 4G (USB Dongle from Pi Hut) and " Quectel LTE EG25-G 4G module from Pitalk 4G HAT IOT device" but none of them have provided the compatible ARM64 device driver for it. I can not use any of the device without device driver.,-llc/NL-AB-RPI/7101750?utm_adgroup=General&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PMax%20Shopping_Product_Zombie%20SKUs&utm_term=&productid=7101750&utm_content=General&utm_id=go_cmp-17923835716_adg-_ad-__dev-c_ext-_prd-7101750_sig-CjwKCAjwnOipBhBQEiwACyGLuufZ9csrOjTtTxM7VE7aKybMwe0hNSbBC7Ng8YfVqrYQl8sXxG8_QhoC0YwQAvD_BwE

Does this device “NL-AB-RPI 3G – 4G/LTE Base HAT for Raspberry Pi” (Digi-Key Part Number- 1477-1050-ND) have Windows 10 ARM64 device driver ? SO, I can order it after your confirmation.

Please help me…

Hi susheel.tyagi,

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First, the NL-AB-RPI does not come with a cellular modem. It is an adapter board designed to allow one to mount a separately ordered Airgain (formerly NimbeLink) Skywire modem to a Raspberry Pi board.

Secondly, the documentation I have found states that it is compatible with the RPI-3 and the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 I/O board. It does not mention the RPI-4 series.

Thanks for quick reply. Can you please suggest me any solution for Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) with Windows ARM64 OS with 4G connectivity HAT/LTE or USB module with compatible Device Driver. I have a legacy .NET4.5 based C# Application that import the data from one device and My App will Upload to Cloud using Raspberry PI.
Any make would be fine.



I am not finding any thing on our website. I am sorry. It does not appear we have anything to offer.

I’ve been following Raspberry Pi SBC’s for over five years now and I have never seen any support offered for regular Windows on the RasPi.

For a while Microsoft offered a special version named Windows IoT Core that included support for RasPi SBC’s. However it appears Microsoft abandoned the project in 2020.

I would estimate that 99.9% of Raspberry Pi systems use one of the *nix based OS’s. Likely over 95% use the Debian OS customized for Raspberry Pi OS.

I’ve seen many LTE hat project write ups for RasPi’s over the years. This one is recent so the components should still be avaialable.

Much more information should be available over at the official Raspberry Pi Forums.

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and when you read threads like: It's 2023 - what's the best way to run Windows on a Pi4? - Raspberry Pi Forums

and posts like: Re: This forum… PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING. (KALI and "Windows 10 & 11 ARM" are NOT supported!) - Raspberry Pi Forums

Also there is no legal way to install Windows 10 ARM on the RPI, so we won't tolerate Windows 10 ARM posts, obviously the IOT version is an exception, but we don't consider it as a real OS.

Yeap, Windows 10 is pretty much DEAD on Pi at this point…

Looking at: ( Windows IoT Core ) : Processor, SoCs and Custom Boards for Windows 10 IoT Core - Windows IoT | Microsoft Learn

Then from Windows IoT Core : ( This product retired on November 10, 2020 ) : Windows 10 IoT Core - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Learn

Yeap, it’s been abandoned… If we all remember our Microsoft history, this has happened before, and it will happen again… (See Windows 8 on arm laptops Windows RT - Wikipedia )