NeoNode Proximity Sensor Connectors & Wiring


Neonode products are listed in two families on our website, Dev boards, kits, programmers and Sensors, Transducers. The Dev kits come with an interface board to allow you to plug it directly into a usb port.
The Sensor products are just the sensor, no interface board.

If you want to buy just the sensor, these connectors will work with it:
732-6018-1-ND – This is the connector Neonode recommends on their documentation. Zero Insertion Force connector
732-2003-1-ND – This connector will work, although the way it seats and clamps causes it to score the pads. It will work for a few insertion/removal cycles, but it’s better for a “one-time connection” type application. OR1222CT-ND is another recommended part from Neonode.

Soldering directly to the pads is also an option, but there is a chance that if the cables move too much they’ll pull the pads off the board. I don’t recommend going with this option. The surface mount connectors listed above are small, but wires can be carefully soldered to the pins directly if you don’t have an etched PCB or breakout board (all three of which are safer options than direct soldering to the pads).

The Neonode has both I2C and USB HID interfaces. By connecting the 4 USB wires (5V, D+, D-, and GND) to the appropriate pins as listed on pages 31-32 of the documention zForce AIR™ Touch Sensor Guide the sensor can be plugged directly into a USB port and will be read as a touch device. Because it is designed to be used as a touchscreen, it is an absolute position device and if used as a mouse every detection will be considered a “click” on the mouse. This makes it unsuitable for controlling a Windows PC as a mouse device (touchscreen would be fine) with the default firmware. By using the I2C interface and reading the raw data, a custom interface program could be written to overcome this limitation. Also, Neonode can customize the firmware and hardware to meet individual customer needs.

Pin Out

Function Pin Name Pin #
Power/GND GND 1
Reset N_RST 2
Data Ready DR 3
I2C Data I2C_DATA 4
I2C Clock I2C_CLK 5
Power Supply +5V 8

Looking at the bottom.

Digi-Key stocking Neonode sensors:
NN AMC 1220PC01 - DK# 1816-1000-ND
NN AMC 1580PC01 - DK# 1816-1001-ND
NN AMC 1800PC01 - DK# 1816-1002-ND
NN AMC 2090PC01 - DK# 1816-1003-ND
NN AMC 2300PC01 - DK# 1816-1004-ND
NN AMC 2950PC01 - DK# 1816-1005-ND
NN AMC 3460PC01 - DK# 1816-1006-ND

Digi-Key stocking Neonode sensor evaluation kits:
NN AMC 1220PCEV - DK# 1816-1007-ND
NN AMC 1580PCEV - DK# 1816-1008-ND
NN AMC 1800PCEV - DK# 1816-1009-ND
NN AMC 2090PCEV - DK# 1816-1010-ND
NN AMC 2300PCEV - DK# 1816-1011-ND
NN AMC 2950PCEV - DK# 1816-1012-ND
NN AMC 3460PCEV - DK# 1816-1013-ND
NN AMC MAXIPCEX - DK# 1816-1014-ND