New to AMP Connectors

Hi all,
First time poster here - needing some help with understanding how to use a connector that is specified in a spec sheet.

I’m looking at a power supply that the spec sheet says requires AMP Molex 640250-3 and Pins 640252-2. In looking at these numbers on Digi-Key, I can put together that the pins are crimped to wire then inserted into the plastic body. Bur before I get too crazy with buying things, I wanted to be sure that there wasn’t any kind of special crimping tool that is required to crimp the pins.

Does anyone know of a “how to” video that might explain the process of putting these connectors together?

Thanks in advance!

If you are using the contacts 640252-2 there are a couple Manufacturer recommended crimp tools. I have linked these below. Depending on the number of these that you are going to crimp I would highly recommend using those Manufacturer suggested tool. If you are just doing one or two you can often get away with using a generic crimper like a WM9999-ND or even a small pliers. If you are using a generic crimp tool order a couple extra contacts to make sure you get a good crimp as a bad crimp can deform the contact and cause it not to hold the wire or snap into the housing correctly.

image 58614-1

image 91597-1

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To add to Robert’s post, I’d strongly recommend buying a handful or more extra contacts. When I do crimping, it never fails that there’s always a few crimping attempts that go awry. I’ve learned to have extra on hand so I don’t have to wait for another order to come in to finish my connector job.

One more thing: I really like general purpose crimp tool # 1528-2304-ND. Manufacturer recommended crimp tools are really the premium way to go if you’re a business and needing to do a lot of crimping. But if you’re a hobbyist or a student you may be able to make due with a general purpose tool…

Thanks so much for all of the advice on these connectors! As Robert mentioned, I might just try to do it with standard pliers or a crimp tool I have already. If worse comes to worse, I’ll look at getting a more formal tool.

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