New user looking for grow light advice

I am looking to source Samsung 301 strips with far red.
3500k average, wagos, heat sinks, driver, dimmer etc. I have PTSD and have a hard time focusing. Sifting through the thousands of options for every component is proving too much for me.
My goal is at least a 3’x3’ strong flower footprint for under 250.00 US.

Hello @Builder0101,

If you are looking to build from the ground up there is a lot to look into. I am not seeing anything in the Samsung LM301 series that is far red and the 3500k would get you a warm white so I am a little confused on what you are looking for for color.

Samsung does have some options in the LH351H Series that you could look at. I am not aware of anyone in our group that has build any homemade grow lights, however there are a lof of you tube videos and articles out there that give complete build specs. I would recommend starting there to decide what you want to build and we can certainly help you get parts when you have some more details.