NI LabVIEW Software-WM Suffix

When looking at NI’s - LabVIEW software


What does the “WM” suffix mean. For example what is the difference between 784503-35 and 784503-35WM.

The “WM” stands for with media and includes the software on a USB device. The part numbers without the “WM” are digital software downloads only.

Here is a list of orderable part numbers.


For more information and a breakdown of the differences between the Base, Full, and Pro versions please see this datasheet.

We have the digital versions readily available, the “WM” versions would need to be ordered as a non-catalog part through our quotes department.

Applicable Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Numbers
2770-784503-35-ND 2770-776690-35-ND 2770-778249-35-ND
2770-776671-35-ND 2770-776670-35-ND 2770-776698-35-ND
2770-784522-35-ND 2770-777756-35-ND 2770-776678-35-ND
Manufacturer Part Numbers
784503-35 776690-35 778249-35
776671-35 776670-35 776698-35
784522-35 777756-35 776678-35