Niles Speaker Connectors

Trying to locate a Niles Speaker Conector, (4) round plug, Euro Style.

Niles Audio Spk/Amp Speaker Controll
s-l1600 (4)
s-l1600 (3)
Model: MSA-10A

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What is the pitch (center-to-center spacing) of the header pins?

I have no idea…

I bought this compoent, but has not arived yet,

Niles Audio, was taken over many years ago, and this product is no longer. The one I bought only had 2 sets of (4) speaker connectors.
So I’m trying to jump the gun, and locate 8 more sets. Before it arrives…

Thanks for the quick reply

Well, until we know that, we won’t be able to narrow it down too much. I will say that we don’t appear to have any that will match your color, if that matters. The connector type is a terminal block designed for unshrouded headers.

Here’s a link to some to get you started. We have some for two different pitch spacing - 3.5mm and 5mm. Hopefully you have one of those.

Another consideration is spacing behind the header pins. You’ll need to measure that distance and see how much clearance you have. Unfortunately, we don’t list that dimension in our parametrics, so once you narrow down your options to a few likely candidates, you’ll have to check datasheets to see if they have adequate clearance to fit in the available space.

Thanks so much…

All keep ypou abreast upon arrival product …

Hey David,

Just arrived, so sending you some photos,

Looks like a WECO Symbol, with a part# 8142. Hope this helps.


appericate your help…

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Hi Brad,

I wasn’t able to identify any WECO parts where the “8142” marking would indicate a series name. I’m not confidant that it is a WECO part, but it may still be. That mark actually looks more like the Wurth logo, though I can’t see it very well in the image. Even at that, I couldn’t find a Wurth series tied to “8142” either.

It may be an artifact of the photo angles, but the images you provided don’t look like 3.5mm pitch. One might get a more accurate reading by measuring the header pins on the Niles switch. You can improve accuracy by measuring the spacing across several pins, then dividing that value by one less than the number of pins you measured across. For instance, if you measure across 4 pins, you divide that length by 3 to get the pitch. In this case, if you measure 10.5mm across 4 pins, then it would be 3.5mm pitch.

Also, it looks to me like the part that you are measuring is not identical to those from the first images you posted. Could you provide additional images of the side and bottom of your connector? Also, a few good images of the header and a measure of the header’s diameter may help.

The “W 8142” marking makes me think it’s a Wieland Electric 8142 series part, but those are 5mm pitch.

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Paul is right on – almost certainly the Wieland 8142 series. We don’t carry them, but they are a 5mm pitch series.

Assuming it is a 5mm pitch, the best option that we carry is the Phoenix Contact COMBICON PT series (PT 1.5/4-PVH-5.0) part number 1934887.


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