Help identifying connector on power supply

Hello eduardo.lugo, welcome to the Forum Community! It looks like you have a 3 pin header, with the center pin removed. Depending on what the pitch (center of one pin to the center of the missing pin) of the connector is, these are 3 pin headers with .100 (2.54mm) pitch.

Hi eduardo.lugo,

As Jenni mentions, you’ll want to measure the pitch of the pins to know which size to look for. With that connector, I would measure the center-to-center length from one pin the other. Then, since it is missing the center pin, divide your measurement by two and this will give you the pitch of that connector.

In addition to the 0.1" pitch options Jenni mentions, power supply headers often use 0.156" (3.96mm) pitch headers. Here are a couple that we carry which look very similar:



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Thank you all for your help.
Looking at hose measurements now.

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