NMB Technologies BLDC24P16

I need datasheets for the following part:

OR in need to find a similar motor

Hello rmsnyder!

Welcome to the TechForum! I have searched for the datasheet for this part as well, and wasn’t able to locate one. I have contacted our product manager for this information and will respond with it when I receive it. Thank you for your patience!

BLDC24P16A Catalog Datasheet.pdf (557.2 KB)

Hello rmsnyder, attached you will find a link to the datasheet. We will have this updated on our site as well. Also, we got word from the manufacturer that the complete part number for this motor is BLDC24P16 A. Currently, our website shows the part number without the suffix, but that will be changed as well.

Nate… thank you for tracking down the datasheet. It looks like the manufacturer doesn’t provide us with much in the way of technical information (wiring diagram, resistance, inductance, etc.)