Non-Catalog Orders

If you are looking to order a part that is not in the Digikey catalog, but you know that Digikey is a distributor of that manufacturer you may still be able to purchase the part through Digikey.

How the process works – You must provide the complete manufacturer part number as well as the name of the manufacturer, and the quantity you wish to purchase.

If you already have a Digikey customer number, please provide that information as well. If not, then Digikey will have to have your complete contact information – Name, Company name, shipping address, telephone number, and email.

First, our technical team will review the part number to verify it is a valid number. Then, will submit your information along with the technical paperwork used to verify the part to our non-catalog quote department.

The quote department will then submit the request for quote to the manufacturer.

Once the manufacturer reviews the request they will return the following information to our quote team, Part availability, lead time, minimum order quantity, and price.

The quote team then sends the response to Digikey’s Supplier Pricing department to have the information and pricing added to the quote.

When that is completed you, the customer, will receive the quote via email.

This process normally takes 3-7 business, depending on the manufacture response time.

Some reasons why a part may not qualify for non-catalog order are, the part is proprietary to a certain company, the part has been obsoleted or is going end of life, the part is not available through distribution only direct order, or the manufacturer is not one that Digikey can offer non-catalog items.

All inquiries for non-catalog orders should be sent to Digikey sales team by calling 1-800-DIGIKEY, or by emailing