Not sure in delivery information

This is first time I order components on DigiKey so I’m not sure in some delivery information.

Firstly, delivery address. I live in Germany and have a DHL post office right next to my house. I want the package to be there until I go there and take the package myself, rather than being given it from a courier because I may not be at home. So how should I fill these fields? -

Secondly, Tax information. I’m not sure about VAT and other details. They also ask me if I want to resell the components, but I order them for myself and for my personal projecs. What I have filled for now:

Thirdly, why do they say “Shipping from US”? Don’t they have a stock in Germany?

I also want to add that the order is 82.24€ so the shipping should be free as the price is higher that 50€. After I filled the form, a new price field added - VAT 15.03€

Hello vpn, Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The technical Forum is usually for technical questions. We don’t deal with questions about the orders or tax info. The best place is to call us at (+49) 30 915 884 91, or email the questions to You can also click on the Chat button on our website, and chat with a Sales Representative.

@David_1768 , I used the support chat. Nobody connected. I wrote them on E-Mail. No answer. I tried to call them. Silence.

The links found on this page should be informative.

Billing information should be filled out as appropriate for completing payment, and shipping information according to where the package should ultimately arrive. For individuals, these are commonly the same: one’s home address. Many carriers including DHL now offer delivery management services, which allow recipients to arrange for final delivery by pick-up at a nearby office, rather than by courier.

Customs, duty, and tax information are listed on the Incoterms page in the first link above. Importantly, the choice of shipment method will affect responsibility for payment of some fees.

DigiKey ships internationally from a single location in the US, from facilities that are about twice the size of Westfalenstadion if I’ve estimated correctly. Stocking a few million specialized products from across the globe, for shipment across the globe, is not a simple matter.

As for the report of poor service response, I can only state that our goal is to offer better service than you report having received. The workflow does get backed up from time to time however, and sometimes replies end up in spam folders. Answers to many common inquiries can be found through the Help & Support page, which I’d encourage you to visit if questions remain.

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